Other Projects

The Clarinetist:
„trio d’avero“

Together with the oboist Ute Taxhet (SWR Symphony Orchestra Baden-Baden und Freiburg) and the bassoonist Ulrike Bertram (Badische Staatskapelle Karlsruhe), Leonie Gerlach dedicates herself to literature specifically for the "Trio d'anches" (French, "Trio of Reeds"). Their repertoire includes works from baroque to modern times.


Another musician altogether:
Jazz and fun with Heiner Kondschak

Since 2000, Leonie Gerlach has appeared regularly on stage with the renowned playwright, songwriter and singer Heiner Kondschak. As a member of "Kondschak und Kapelle" and co-designer of Kondschak's stage works, she plays folk, classical and jazz music. In his stage works "Wann wenn nicht jetzt" ("When if not now") and "Kaspars kurzer Traum vom Glück" ("Caspar's short dream of happiness") you can hear – and see! – her in a very different way: as a fantastically costumed stage actress...

Audio and Video
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