"New Works for Bass Clarinet"

After numerous recordings as a member of the Badische Staatskapelle, Leonie Gerlach has now released her first solo CD. This CD consists exclusively of live recordings of works composed specifically for her. The palette includes everything from large-scale symphonic works to minimalism, from jazz influences to intimate chamber music.

One thing is common to all of the compositions: they put instrumental and technical experimentation in the background, and choose instead to celebrate the many sound colors of the instrument: bleak melancholy, carefree playfulness, hysterical nagging, luxurious melody and lamentation, and last but not least, breathtaking virtuosity.


The CD costs 18 Euro, including postage within Germany. Order here!


Felix Treiber (*1960)
Seven Scherzos for Bass Clarinet and Marimba (2007)
1 // Mosso
2 // Molte moderato
3 // Mosso, deciso  
4 // Moderato, sotto voce
5 // Misterioso, poco mosso  
6 // Allegretto giococo
7 // Vivace molto energico

Ralf Beckers (*1968)
Quintet for Bass Clarinet, Marimba,
Violine, Viola and Violoncello (2007)

8 // Feroce
9 // Dolce  
10 // Ritmico  

Martin Nitschmann (*1962)
11 // Transformations for Ensemble
with a Solo Bass Clarinet (2006)

Felix Treiber (*1960)
Concerto for Bass Clarinet and Orchestra (2003)
12 // Moderato  
13 // Vivace – Moderato  


New Works for Bass Clarinet –
The Name is the Program

A CD Tip from Monika Kursawe  

Anyone expecting lumbering grumbling from the bass clarinet and preferring to flee at the first hint of "New Music" will be favorably surprised. And even aficionados will find much to be happy about. Felix Treiber, Ralf Beckers and Martin Nitschmann have written four works for the Karlsruhe bass clarinettist, Leonie Gerlach, extending from minimalism à la Philip Glass to symphonic extravaganzas. An asset for every CD collection!

by Monika Kursawe

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